What can I do with it?

IviCivi will provide the framework to “spread the love” in a way that leads to the greatest possible benefit.

Because our society has grown so large, we are often surrounded by strangers and are forced, by our ignorance, to view them all with suspicion.

For example, being in a generous mood, we might be willing to share an extra movie ticket with someone. We would want our gift to matter, and yet we often don’t have enough information to know whether that stranger is a person who works hard in the community or someone who is really selfish or lazy. If we had access to that information, it would probably influence our choices.

The IviCivi App will be a mobile network that can be used to get an idea about a person’s level of involvement. Within the network, you will be able to find out whether a potential recipient of your goodwill has a positive track record or not.

At the same time, it will give everyone an incentive to become the highest contributor they can possibly be, in order to share in similar benefits.

Gifts come in all kinds of packages:  time, tutoring assistance, a job referral, a meal, a book, a helping hand, an unused bicycle, a newly painted room, a bag full of groceries, help with auto maintenance, a ride to work, shovelling snow off a driveway, etc.  Whatever the contributor shares is completely up to them.

Using iviCivi in daily life would create a sort of race to the top – in a good way. It gives benefit where benefit is due and encourages others to join in with their own positive actions to get everyone working together.