In a nutshell

In most of the world, people’s actions are motivated by money and profit. Unfortunately, not all profitable activities are for the public benefit and, in many cases, good actions are not necessarily profitable.

What if there was a way where we could motivate people to do good things as strongly as they are currently motivated to do profitable things? How would that change our lives and our world?

The vision of iviCivi:

We believe people should be encouraged and rewarded for consistently doing good things and being part of the solution, such as:

We believe true value lies in performing consistent, long-term helpful activities – more than working a job to create a never-ending stream of consumer products or services that are pushed on other people through advertising.

IviCivi is about rewarding people who make those positive contributions by hooking them up the with positive contributions of others. The objective for iviCivi is to create a network of people who are participating in the world in truly positive ways.