Crowdfunding rewards

It is our hope that the iviCivi App will provide a sustainable gift-based system for people to use in their everyday lives. Since the project is not a money-making venture, actual rewards are not provided to project supporters.

Regardless, there are still a number of project outcomes that resemble rewards:

  1. When completed, iviCivi will be available online to anyone around the world, free of charge. This gift will be available to everyone, not just the project supporters.
  2. Among other things, gifts to the iviCivi Project will provide resources that will be used to give back to the fellows who are donating their time to design and build the iviCivi App.
  3. As the iviCivi Project progresses, a community of supporters may be selected to provide initial testing of the App. Although a normal part of the development process, invitations to test will be our gift to you as thanks for initially supporting the project.

Consistent with the basic ideas behind iviCivi, the gifts received from project supporters will ultimately translate into gifts that are returned to the world – and then back to the supporters themselves. What goes around, comes around.