Risks and challenges

An initial challenge for the iviCivi Project is that – by its very nature – it must never make a profit and it must not be funded by advertising, so there are no incentives for venture capital investments to undertake the project.

A second challenge is that the project involves such a wide array of disciplines that the scope requires an open-minded and progressive team of experts laying outside the skill base of many existing groups.

Your financial support – no amount is too small – will sustain a team of about two dozen fellows throughout the development and implementation process, as well as providing for the necessary infrastructure.

The campaign goal, in excess of $4m over three years, is high but not overly optimistic when compared with other campaigns.

The record-setting crowdfunding campaign of Star Citizen raised over $88m to support the development of a really cool, multi-player, science-fiction game.

In contrast, the iviCivi project is about developing a framework that will significantly improve relationships and outcomes for millions of people around the world.

To help us reach our $4.1m goal, we are setting multiple milestones, with a nominal first milestone of $5,000 to help offset initial expenses.

Our challenge to you is that you make a relatively small investment in what could potentially be a revolutionary new social network. So please…

  • Dare to invest in a positive future for everyone!
  • Dare to believe in a divergent type of positive change!
  • Dare to share the iviCivi Project far and wide!

Thank you.