The team

The International Civilitics Institute (ICI) is recruiting talent to support the iviCivi crowdfunding project.

An interdisciplinary team of experts, assembled from around the world, will develop the iviCivi App into a sustainable system.

This team will be selected for diversity and a propensity for taking initiative and thinking outside the box.

Initially, fellows will explore every facet of civilitics (social systems supported by gifting). The immersion program will enable them to apply their expertise in one or more of the following areas toward the project’s development:

  • computer networking
  • database programming / administration
  • economics
  • financial systems programming
  • graphic arts
  • grassroots organizing
  • human-computer interface (HCI) design
  • linguistics
  • marketing / advertising
  • mobile application programming / development
  • political science
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • social media
  • software design / management
  • statistics / mathematics
  • systems theory
  • web (HTML5/CSS3) programming

For details on the fellowship program, please refer to the ICI Fellowship Program on the ICI website.

The iviCivi development team will be coordinated by ICI founder, Roy Guisinger. Since graduating from Oregon State University in 1991,  Roy has been developing and refining the principles of civilitic systems. He has a background in computer support at Hewlett Packard, as an independent software developer, as a high school science teacher, and has organized several public-benefit businesses. Out of commitment to the principles of civilitics, he has been gifting 100% of his work since 2012.

Please share this project widely to people with relevant skills and whom you feel would align with building an iviCivi App.

We are looking forward to introducing the rest of the team to our project contributors!